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XTA | 2.0 Slot – Size: 2.36” Wide x 3.58” Highintegral gear continuous

The XTA 2.0 series is a wide body profile that has superior optics and Xero’s patented Speed join system that enables truly “light leak free joins” and removable gear trays that can be upgraded in the future.

Xero’s ProformaxS light engines with drivers come with 90º and 180º joiners that can be lit or unlit. This allows possibilities that provide continuous ribbons of light without compromise. All XTA products come with a 7 year warranty using ProformaxS light engines.

Output CRI 80+
Warranty Proformax 7 years
Electrical Voltage imput range 120 – 277V
Control methods Dimming options for white light: 0-10V, DALI, DMX Optional RGB / Sunset
Diming control DMX or DALI XI
Total harmonic distortion THD 9.8% max
Approvals UL / CE / CCC / AS:NZS / EMC
Physical Dimensions 2.36” Wide x 3.58” High
Weight 2.57 lbs average weight per foot
Housing Aluminium Extrusion with anodised or powder-coated finish Standard colours powder-coated: white/black/silver/ custom on request
Diffuser Plexiglass / Polycarbonate Opal Diffuser/ Clear Polycarbonate Diffuser / Optic White Louvre /
Semi Specular Louvre / Low UGR Plexiglass
Connections Speed connect joining system with polarised electrical connection between
Compatible ceiling type Suitable for drywall ceilings, metal pan, concrete, timber and T bar grid ceilings
Mounting Surface Mounting / Custom Mounting / Rod Suspension / Wall Mounting
Joiner options Lit corner 90º / Cross 90º / Tee 90º / Straight 180º Join
Operating temperatures ProformaxS – (-13ºF to 140ºF)
Environment Dry indoor application only IP20
Minimum length adjustment 5.51″
LED Board types ProformaxS boards in 5.51″ / 11.02″ / 22.0″ lengths Zhaga compatible
Optional Extras Emergency packs

The XTA | 2.0 series brings high-quality dot free illumination to commercial interiors and semi- exterior environments. Featuring the latest generation of LED technology, The XTA series is the ideal choice for your next project.
ProformaxS LED light engines are LED boards that utilise ceramic based LED chips that provide outstanding light quality over the life of the boards.

L80 B10 82,000 hours @95ºF
PerformaxS boards are both high output and high efficiency combined giving unmatched flexibility, by tuning the drive current, any output is achievable




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* For this profile the Casambi mini interface is available for remote configuration only.



* Casambi interface is only available in runs <393″ long. Runs over this length require a remote configuration

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XTA | 2.0 series

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