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The Xero Quickship Delivery program for Australia, New Zealand, North America, and the United
Kingdom helps our clients meet tight project schedules without sacrificing quality or performance.

Quickship offers a range of high-performance LED profiles with just a 10 day lead time (ex-factory)

Don’t wait longer than you have to.

The following Xero product profiles offer the option of the Quickship Delivery program –

  • XTA | 2.0 Square
  • XTA | 2.0 Slot
  • XTA | 2.0 Recessed
  • XTA | 3.0 Square
  • XTA | 3.0 Slot
  • XTA | 3.0 Recessed

All the above products are available in standard lengths (refer to the standard length tables on each product home page)
Note: When ordering the above products for the Quickship Delivery option they are only available in standard colours.


Links to Quickship product options

XTA 2 0 Recessed TILE 1